Mollie Rosen arrived at the 4A’s in April 2014 to take over Agency Relations and Membership. With a fresh perspective, Mollie has made great strides in refocusing our outreach and engagement with member agencies. Her five-member team keeps our nearly 700 member agencies connected to 4A's resources, initiatives and events, as well as facilitates local and regional council activities for the advancement of the industry. With renewed energy and focus, the team has been busy identifying opportunities for members to create greater value. Here are the highlights of 2014: 

  • Hosted the first-ever webinar on the 4A's about how to get the most out of your membership. The webinar featured insights from six actively engaged members on how they leverage the 4A’s to drive their businesses.
  • Fielded membership usage and attitude survey to better understand what 4A’s offerings agencies are most aware of, what they find valuable and what resources they would like to see offered in the future.
  • Visited more than 300 member agencies, facilitated 79 local council board meetings and participated in 26 CEO Forum discussions. The team also partnered with members to create programs tailored to meet the needs of individual markets across the country.
  • The Chicago Talent Group (a committee of HR Leaders working in concert with the Chicago Council Board) planned and executed a program for summer interns throughout the city. This program included education events featuring panels hosted by member senior executives and HR executives and networking events, each attended by over 250 interns.
  • The Atlanta Council held a Senior Management Dinner (sponsored by Twitter and featuring Brent Hodgins, Managing Partner, Mirren Business Development, as the keynote speaker), and held a Florida Council Board dinner with Nancy Hill in Miami. This year also marks the inaugural Southern Region Agency Finance Committee meeting in Dallas.
  • The 4A’s New England Council, in partnership with Emerson College and Boston University, held its fifth Diversity Talent program. The program exposes local graduate and undergraduate students (most of who are minority/multicultural students) to the advertising and marketing industry, with the goal of making it a desired career path. The program takes place at Boston-area 4A’s member agencies, where students attend discussions and panels on the different disciplines that make up the industry. In addition to the learning sessions, each student is guaranteed an interview with any of our member agencies, which can run from informational to internship to applying for full-time positions.
  • 4A's also partnered with law firm Coblentz for the "Wide Awake" event in San Francisco that was attended by 150 CEOs and executives. Event panelists included industry leaders such as Janet Northen, John Gallegos and Catherine Bension, with appearances by Andy Berlin, Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby. Discussion ranged from appealing to the Hispanic market to the special opportunities within the wide world of sports.